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(Clients) Data Recovery

Diagnostic, Virus and Malware Removal (Williamsburg, MI.)

Customer contacted us asking if we would take a look at his Gateway PC. He stated that he was receiving many pop ups and internet explorer was opening numerous browsers, and the customer was receiving fake notifications from Microsoft stating his windows operating system has been locked and that his I.P. Address had been compromised. It then was asking for him to call a number to get it resolved. The customer stated he needed his pictures off of his computer.  The customer lived in Williamsburg, Michigan, approximately 50 miles from us and didn’t have a way to come to us.… Read More »

Diagnostic and Data Recovery for Client (Traverse City, Michigan)

Amor IT Solutions received a call the other day from a client who stated they needed help with their HP all in one desktop that would not boot to windows. We met the customer in Traverse City, MI. where we picked up the computer from them.  We went right to work diagnosing the issue. While testing the hardware we found the the hard drive was failing. We contacted the customer and advised them that their hard drive was failing and asked if there was data off of the drive that they needed recovered. The customer said they would like their… Read More »

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