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Faster Internet Speeds: Wireless Mesh vs. Network Cable

So here at Amor I.T. Solutions we have been asked several times by our clients if having a wireless mesh system like the Orbi Tri Band WiFi Mesh System is better then wiring in direct Cat6 cable. The quick answer is no. Although Mesh units like this can be convenient they will never be as good as a direct ethernet connection.  The reason why most people choose to go with a mesh system is the convenience of being able to spread their wireless connection throughout their house or business. And although convenient it does have major draw backs.  One of… Read More »

Plex Server DDoS Attacks!

  All Plex users are encouraged to apply the hot fix patch, which directs their servers to respond to UDP requests only from the local network and not the public internet. As some of the Plex Servers have become vulnerable to DDoS Attacks. To clarify certain details, Plex said that the exploit would not have allowed attackers to access any private data or make changes to the accounts of its users. Instead, the flaw could have caused an affected server to “reflect” UDP packets as a way to amplify a DDoS attack against another server or network on the internet.… Read More »

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